Cabin Reviews

The Path of Love

"The cabin was great! We loved every minute of it. This is such a beautiful place to celebrate our honeymoon!! It is so nice to be in such an insulated part of the mountains but still be close to town. This was such a great vacation."
The K's, Greenwood, IN

"We have stayed in many cabins in the smokies. This is one of the most well designed ones we've seen. Very couples oriented. We had a great time, though no wildlife. However, you may be woken up by an Owl, we were twice. Suggestions: Buy a real BBQ pit. Our comments, we did. Thanks,"

"My sister and I stayed here for my mom's re-marriage (they had the cabin just above us). This cabin is so cute and cozy!! I love the wide open area & the "baby bear" is adorable!. Our comment, it is not alive. We'd definitely recommend this place to anyone, and I'd love to come back & spend about a week here!"
DLE, Caledonia, MS

"My boyfriend and I stayed here for a getaway and some alone time. From the moment we walked in the door we were blown away by the beauty and scenery! We have had a great time, and are looking forward to coming back!!! We hope that everyone else enjoys this cabin as much as we have. It is truly meant to be spent with someone you love. We found out why they call it the Path of Love and we hope you do too! Thanks!"
H & E , Fayetteville, TN

"This cabin was everything I expected. I looked at cabins online for months to fine the perfect one to propose to my now future wife. She has spent 5 years making my life wonderful, so I wanted to give her a perfect night to show it. I would recommend this cabin to any one. I wish we could stay longer, but I would like to come back soon. It now holds a special place in my heart."
Mr. B